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  1. Hello, enjoyed your video about Roku streaming stick 3500. I am thinking of buying one because I damaged my MHL port on my tv. I was using a 3400 streaming stick for that. I cannot use an HDMI port with the 3400. I can use a 3500 with the HDMI port.
    I noticed that my 3400 would freeze up about every two hours or so. I would unplug it and replug it to clear cache or whatever. It would always work. Then I guess I unplugged it one too many times. It damaged the MHL port. I was wondering if the 3500 would be better about freezing. Is there a way to clear cache without unplugging the roku stick from the computer? I don’t want to go through that again. I want to just leave it plugged in. Please help if you know the answer. Thanks.

    1. My 3500 rarely hangs at all and usually all I do is unplug the power on it, but again I can’t really remember the last time I had to do that. Thanks.

  2. I have a 2013 Hyundai Sonata SE and my factory outside mirrors are heated but I want to upgrade to LED is it possible it will work and will it fit

  3. Hi Richard,

    Your videos are great. I have a 2012 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T. Do you have any videos of removing the instrument cluster on that vehicle or do you now of anyone else who has done a video on this?

    Thanks, Bob D.

  4. hi, i’ve watched most of your videos on the hyundai sonata and really enjoyed them and learn from them. by any chance can you tell me where are the settings for adjusting my headlights height? I have the 2013 hyundai sonata turbo. I search your videos and didn’t see any video regarding said. thanks

    Your You Tube Video, “Windows Update Not Working Deleting Cache Files Repair Fix”
    The above did not work for me and I wanted to restore the original folders and files but did not have permission and could not find how to obtain permission.
    I recommend that instead of deleting the folders and files, do the following:
    Rename the folder “SoftwareDistribution” as “SoftwareDistribution_OLD”
    Create a new folder “SoftwareDistribution”
    If the fix works then delete the “SoftwareDistribution_OLD” folder (or just leave it there).
    If the fix does not work, delete the new “SoftwareDistribution” folder.
    Rename the “SoftwareDistribution_OLD” back to “SoftwareDistribution”.
    Everything is thus restored back to how it was!
    Permission is needed to rename but can be easily given but I can’t find how I could restore from the Recycle Bin.

  6. Richard: Its been a while since you changed the transmission fluid from your Sonata. You used the Valvoline product. There are many negative comments and reviews about not using the original Hyundai Trans product. What has been your experience with Valvoline? Would you recommend it?

    1. I have used the same (Synthetic) ATF in three vehicles now without any issue in any of them. Kia Sorento 2014, Hyundai Sonata 2003 and Hyundai Santa Fe 2003. Not sure why people are complaining about it? But I have had nothing but success with it and have no problem recommending it. Thanks.

  7. Hi Richard.

    Thank you for your excellent videos!! You always do a fantastic job, especially in graphically providing the minute detail. I have utilized your videos on a couple occasions, once a few months ago while working on my grand daughter’s 2003 Sante Fe, and again this week while installing DD-WRT on a TP Link WR841N.

    I have a couple of questions for you and was wondering if this is the proper forum to communicate with you or would you rather send me an email address? I really didn’t want my questions taking up space on your YouTube page “Turning A TP-Link WR841N/ND V9 DD-WRT 300N Into A Repeater Bridge WIFI Range Extender”.


  8. I just wanted to thank you for you video on the back door panel. I couldn’t find anyone to help me. But you did! Thank you so much. My Lil girls will be so happy now that the speaker is not going to be making loud and crazy noises in there ears.

  9. Hi Richard, I really appreciate your detailed transmission oil change on your Sorento. I will be doing mine as well here soon. I am curious if you plan to do the spark plugs as is appears to be time consuming due to the manifold. Would love to see that along with oil change of the rear axel and transfer case. I own the 2014 SXL and baby it so I to enjoy all the time you spend on your videos.

    Thank you, Tim 5/2016

    1. Thank you so much. I have the front wheel drive only version so I can’t do the rear dif, sorry. Spark plugs look involved but not impossible so when they are due I will do them and make a video of that too. Thanks again.

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